Routine Core Analysis

Weatherford-CER guarantees the best services are provided to our clients. We work closely with our clients to develop the most effective and cost-efficient program to assist in petroleum recovery. Our equipment, instruments and intellectual tools allow us to overcome technical challenges faced by our clients in E&P operations. Our routine core analysis starts from core handling facility where we prepare core for further operations. Our professionals ensure proper core handling is used prior to starting routine core analysis part. We perform routine core analysis on conventional size (1.5 and 1 inch) samples and whole core samples.


Total Core Gamma
Spectral Core Gamma
Core Photography
Core Slabbing
Core Preservation
Plug Cutting
Plug Drilling
Plug Mounting
Miscible Extraction
Fluid Saturation by Dean Stark Method
Percussion Sidewall Core Analysis
Rotary Sidewall Core Analysis
Sidewall and Rotary Compilation Report
Laser Grain Size Analysis
Sieve Analysis
Permeability and Porosity at Net Confining Stress
Grain Density
Bulk Density
Salinity Analysis
Soxhlet Cleaning
Fast Track Analysis
Profile Permeability
Whole Core Analysis
Cleaning Studies
Permeability Studies

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